Hi! I’m Giedre ( ^^)

and I am a born and bred tech lover and builder. I thrive helping vibrant creators, like yourself, transform their virtual homes into fully functional, gorgeous powerhouses.

Together we are going to make your tech overwhelm a thing of the past.

Do you often wonder why your luxury branding isn’t getting the attention it deserves? Let’s face it— looks do matter, but it’s not enough to just turn heads. Beyond that dazzling exterior, lies the foundation. And if your tech foundation isn’t rockstar solid, you’re not going to keep those curious visitors and get the results you want. 

I create online presences that convert.

I marry the decadent with the functional to help your business soar. And if you don’t know what conversion means exactly, don’t worry. That’s what I’m here for! 

Try for a moment to imagine the world of technology like the castle from Beauty and the Beast. It’s not as abstract as you might think. The furniture and dishes are alive in the castle and actively contribute to the overall harmony and success of the structure. The tools I use in my business are my little helpers in much the same way.

No matter what stage of the entrepreneurial journey you are at, you have come to the right place. 


Welcome to the Giedre Geekdom! 


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