Only one witness, a detective, testified during about 10 hours

relica birkin hermes LIVE TVON NOWClick for full scheduleThe family of a Penn State student who died after a fraternity event is now speaking out. Timothy Piazza died after falling down stairs and hitting his head several times.(Published Monday, May 15, 2017)Prosecutors on Monday played videotape from inside a Penn State fraternity that showed a pledge suffering through an agonizing night from untreated injuries sustained in a fall during an alcohol fueled event as his friends failed to call for help.Only one witness, a detective, testified during about 10 hours of a preliminary hearing that will decide whether there’s enough evidence to send the case against members of Beta Theta Pi and the fraternity itself to county court for trial in the pledge’s death.The district attorney and the detective dissected about three hours of security camera tape that began with 19 year old Tim Piazza joining other pledges as they went from station to station in a drinking gauntlet, and Piazza soon appeared to become shaky on his feet. The video included him stumbling through the house before he was found, hours later, in the basement.By the time help was called the next day, a police official said, Piazza had the look of a “corpse.” Piazza died days later.Hearing in Penn State Hazing Death CaseEighteen fraternity brothers face charges in the death of Penn State pledge Timothy Piazza. NBC10’s Pamela Osborne reports on how video will play a role in Monday’s hearing.(Published Monday, June 12, 2017)Civil attorney Tom Kline, who represents Piazza’s parents, called the tape painful to watch.Piazza, suffering a fractured skull, damaged spleen and brain and abdominal bleeding, is clearly distressed, holding his head and his midsection after striking his head repeatedly in a series of falls through the night.”You cannot watch it without the heaviest heart and tears in your eyes,” Kline said.DA: PSU Frat Probe Will Reveal ‘Who Knew What, When’The hearing did not finish Monday, and when it resumes defense lawyers will be able to cross examine State College police Detective David Scicchitano. relica birkin hermes

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