Rich Websites

Rich Websites

I built my first, hand-coded website when I was twelve years old. It proudly declared to the world, “My name is Giedre, I love dogs, and my favorite subject is math!” I was hooked from that point forward and never looked back. 20 years later, I still approach each site I build with the same exuberance. The only difference now is, in addition to that passion, I also have the confidence that comes with a comprehensive body of knowledge and over a decade of experience.

Making a website is about so much more than just combining custom fonts and high-resolution headshots. It’s about ensuring your site is powered by savvy, well-integrated technology so you can properly utilize all the tools in your business to your advantage. It’s about guaranteeing your user an exceptional experience as they explore all you have to offer.

Entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business don’t build their own websites from scratch. They don’t do it for the same reason you don’t build your house or make all your clothes. While I do love making the occasional tee shirt for my dog, it pretty much stops there. For the rest, I invest in the trusted craftsmanship of a brand or individual that I know will meet my needs, and allow me to stay focused on doing what I love.

Your visitors will know, upon first glance, whether your website is the real deal or a cheap imitation. Consider how it would feel to know, without a doubt, that your site is secure, state-of-the-art, and ready to convert those premium visitors into leads and paying clients.

Ladies, I am the Gucci of websites!

Types of Packages:

Full Site

Together we’ll determine the ideal platform for your new site based on the needs of your business. We’ll agree on the technology and develop the branding. I’ll handle the necessary graphic design, so all you need to do is to provide me with the copy. Over the next 4-5 weeks, I will combine all of these elements to build you a fully functional, gorgeous, premium website. (Specs coming soon)

One Page

If you’re in the initial stage of launching your business, and not quite ready to invest in a full website, I’ve still got you covered. I can create a one-page site with all your services, which can be hooked up to your email marketing software. These only take one week to develop. And, as a bonus, should you decide to upgrade later on, what you’ve paid for the starter website is automatically deducted from the cost of the full website. Hooray! (Specs coming soon)


I also offer website fixes for sites you’ve already built, or someone has created for you. These come with custom pricing dependent upon the needs of each site. If this is something you’re interested in, send me a message, and I’ll be happy to have a look and come back to you with a quote.